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David Bassemir


Concept: “LIQUID CHROME is a simple and easy-to-read supplement, meant to add striking monsters to your CY_BORG campaign. The enemies are meant to be snappy and easy to use, each has a memorable gimmick to make encounters fun for your friends.”
Content: A quintet of enemies from the relatively mundane (k-9 units and handler) to the surreal (a “reality hole” that disintegrates matter it comes into contact with).
Writing: Vivid descriptions of enemies supported by suitable mechanical effects.
Art/Design: Two landscape-oriented pages, each with two columns of text framing a central illustration of one or more enemies. White-on-red and white-on-black color schemes with red-on-black headings.
Usability: Visually readable text and easily identifiable layout for navigation and locating desired info.
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