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Cultured Swordsman

Concept: “While the VIPs were doing drugs and having sex in Ports You studied the blade. And when Your parents kicked you out You put your skills to use.”
Content: A class for the inner edgelord who wants to viciously dual-wield the tropes of anime and anime fan.
Writing: Helpfully clear mechanics drenched in the flavor of this class concept.
Art/Design: Clean illustration of archetype complements a minimalist layout.
Usability: Readable, navigable text with visually clear distinctions between types of class features/details.

The Unlicensed Ripper

Concept: “Someone has to patch the lowlifes up. It’s a good thing no one asks where you learned your trade.”
Content: A class for the inquisitive tinkerer who loves getting elbow-deep in their work.
Writing: Intriguing class mechanics are augmented with medical-grade descriptive flavor.
Art/Design: Single-column layout allows for easily understandable navigation/reading scheme, and a minimalist illustration of an unlicensed ripper punctuates the document.
Usability: Distinct and consistent color scheme that highlights the medical/clinical nature of the class, but green text on blue background can be difficult for some to read, especially in combination with font size for body text.

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