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The Terminated Contract Killer

Concept: “You made problems disappear, terminate contracts, and anything else the client told you to do. All assets in this corporate hellscape are disposable to some degree, your expiration date just came sooner than expected.”
Content: A class for the professional hitman who’s burned, bitter, and bloodthirsty.
Writing: Intriguing ideas provided in a calm, straightforward voice that evokes the professional mindset of the contract killer.
Art/Design: A two-page layout emphasizes a terminated contract killer in action on page 1 and a set of distinctly styled boxes for assorted class details on page 2. 
Usability: Distinct partitions of class content makes for quick identification of and focus on desired information; one minor exception is the large header across the top page 2, which relates to the left-side boxed list of corporations beneath it.

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