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IXth Ttrpg Design

Nerve-Spliced Gargoyle

Concept: “High on data, the constant influx cannot end. Retinal scans, candid photos, faecal samples, all data has value. A bigger picture. You NEED that data, it pays your bills but more than that it fires your neurons. You can't stop, you won't stop. The city never stops, the data must flow.
Play as a Gargoyle, Hyper paparazzi , data hound. Hated almost as much as a cyber traffic warden, your job is to gather any and all data to support yourself and your allies as you fight through the end of the world.”
Content: A class for the info addict who lives for leaks.
Writing: A mix of informative and in-universe description/advertisement that emphasizes the relationship the neon-spliced gargoyle has with the assorted data flows they regularly encounter.
Art/Design: A landscape spread with a two-column green/white on black/blue text layout on the left page and a neon-colored illustration of a nerve-spliced gargoyle on the right page.
Usability: Text is high contrast and embedded to promote readability, although the neon colors and text line leading/space might cause difficulty for some viewers.
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