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Kevin Sheehan

The Cryptozoologist Handbook

Concept: “BEHOLD! Creatures said impossible to exist! BEWITCH! Fill your body with strange, powerful substances! BEGUILE! Confound friends & enemies with cryptic behavior! BELABORED! This bit has gone on too long.”
Content: A PC class, several NPC cryptids, and a job to track down a serial killer.
Writing: A variety of details for different sections, from terse NPC ability descriptions to in-depth mission/adventure specifics for both GMs and players to work with. Cryptozoologist class offers a fascinating take on the researcher-becoming-the-monster archetype.
Art/Design: Visually distinct spreads for each section–bright colors for the cryptozoologist, dark tones and inverted colors for the cryptids, and black-and-white for the mission (with a bit of pink accent/highlight). 
Usability: Numerous fonts and sizes, but always high contrast. Easily distinguishable text purpose on a given spread helps browsing and identifying desired info.
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