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Holographic Black Capes

Concept: “Lhamo Rigosa, the biggest horror vidstar in CY is dead. But their co-star has been receiving incomprehensible voice notes from them. And was that stream coming from inside a coffin? The transmissions are coming from the set of their new film but hasn’t that been abandoned?”
Content: A scenario based on Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” that gives PCs a chance to engage in a horror/slasher adventure.
Writing: Vividly detailed descriptions of scenario setup, locations, items to discover, and NPC motives/perspectives are all tinted with a macabre flair. 
Art/Design: High-contrast text on dark background across three spreads, with a bright orange grid map of an abandoned movie set.
Usability: Consistent color and font choices provide easy identification of and navigation through scenario content.

Seething Luddite

Concept: “You were automated out of a job and lost everything. Now you want revenge on this digital world.”
Content: A class for the analog-oriented anarchist.
Writing: Concise and generative class detail descriptions keep the focus on the luddite’s resources and motivations.
Art/Design: Stark, straightforward layout that makes effective use of 1-3 columns of content within several distinct sections. White on black text with intense pink emphasized elements.
Usability: Incredibly readable, with a simple and high-contrast color scheme that allows for immediate recognition of each element’s purpose and relation to other content.

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