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Pavel Shikhachevskiy

App's 4 Elite

Concept: “A bunch of custom APP's for CyBorg, to make hacking and hackers more fun.”
Content: A set of apps for the discerning hacker, whether they work with or against the PCs.
Writing: Imaginative descriptions and mechanicals effects that feel quintessentially cyberpunk.
Art/Design: Two-column layout of white text on translucent pink over a dark blue patterned background.
Usability: Clearly distinguishable app entries provide easy navigation, and text/background contrast provides accessible readability.

Back to the Roots

Concept: “A custom collection for Cy_Borg ttrpg, that includes:
  • 13 new weapons, 6 new drugs, 4 new items - made in the slums of CY.
  • 11 new street-made cyber-tech and 9 new APP's
  • Short descriptions of 5 new slum Gangs
  • A simple and short Adventure/Mission.”
Content: Tons of material to flesh out a game, from equipment to drugs to gang NPCs/enemies, with a scenario in the slums to take down a sadistic AI (and a map for the location).
Writing: Concise, direct descriptions and explanations of mechanics for a huge number of entries for various categories. 
Art/Design: Mostly two-column page layouts (each with its own color scheme/aesthetic) with content on a translucent background pane over detailed, high-tech images. Map of floorplan includes effective icons indicating room features.
Usability: Text is easily readable with distinct heading/label decoration present in each page’s layout aesthetic.

Bloodcrazed Firestarter

Concept: “They took everything from you. You’re gonna make them pay.”
Content: A class for the vengeful arsonist on a path of destruction.
Writing: Concise, intense text that merges pathos and mechanics into intriguing features.
Art/Design: A stunning illustration of a firestarter in red, framed on either side by a column of class features in white on black.
Usability: Text is easily readable and navigable, with helpful bolding for headers and horizontal rules for separating different class details.

Chrome Fiend Berserker

Concept: “Obsessed with chrome and power, one man army, murder machine.”
Content: A class for the cyberware-focused ship of Theseus.
Writing: Brief bursts of evocative flavor and mechanics hint at intriguing possibilities for a unique character.
Art/Design: Bright colors draw attention to the content arranged around the page, with a large skull in the center that stares at the reader. 
Usability: Text is very readable, and several different fonts and colors provide highly visible distinctions in content and purpose.

Failed Test Subject

Concept: “Failed test subject, is a horrible mutated and augmented thing, broken and abandoned by its creators.”
Content: A class for forgotten and wretched castaways and fans of intense body horror.
Writing: Expressive class details supported by a range of imaginative mechanics.
Art/Design: Black-and-white illustration of a subject beside two columns of class features and mechanics with colorful headers and muted element backgrounds.
Usability: Easy to read and distinguish different elements from one another.

Guns, Guts and Gods

Concept: "If you want to feel like a GOD on your power trip to hell, 'Guns, Guts and Gods' got you covered!"
Content: Three classes: Second Amendment Nutjob, Pissed-off Messiah, and Gunlugger. 
Writing: Creative mix of mechanics and descriptions that provides each class with a grindhouse/exploitation flavor.
Art/Design: Each class has two pages of content organized primarily as single-column white on black with headings/accents in bright colors.
Usability: High-contrast text is easily readable and navigable, with immediately visually evident distinctions between sections and kinds of content.

Hardboiled Ex-Cop

Concept: “You were one of the good ones. A rare breed. That’s why you didn’t make it. The system is corrupt to its fucking core. This city is beyond saving. But there is something you can give it. Justice.”
Content: A class for the punk who wants to play a cop without breaking Cy_Borg’s Rule 0.
Writing: Descriptive class features and options that mesh well with (and are frequently named after!) cop-centric tropes and media.
Art/Design: Two-column text layout over a picture of a well-armored ex-cop with a split color scheme of black, white, and purple hues.
Usability: Text is quite easy to navigate and mostly readable–there are moments of potential visual confusion where the text and background colors are similar enough to obfuscate a word or phrase.

High-Octane Daredevil

Concept: “One man army on acid. Insane thrill seeker. Too fast to live. Too angry to die.”
Content: A class for the player who wants to fuck shit up and is not content with anything less than pure mayhem. 
Writing: Class features offer sparse but intense descriptions that build an immediately clear sense of the class.
Art/Design: A daredevil firing a weapon in front of an explosion, surrounded on either side by a multicolored column of class details.
Usability: Content is pretty easy to identify and navigate, although font color changes mid-line can at times be a bit difficult to read.

Legendary Contract Killer

Concept: “A custom class for Cy_Borg rpg, inspired by John Wick, Hitman and Riddick.”
Content: A class for the well-dressed assassin who’s open for business.
Writing: Brief descriptions that call to mind essential themes of the professional hitman from entertainment media.
Art/Design: An illustration of a contract killer is framed by a column of text on either side, with a blue-green background box calling attention to the text content.
Usability: Bold headings and labels help with organization and navigation while text is pretty readable, although the occasional background color change might cause momentary hiccups for some.

Lone Cyber Cowboy

Content: A class for the burned-out command-line commandos trapped in their meat-suits.
Writing: Crisp, concise descriptions of class features/mechanics to evoke a CY_BORG take on the cyberpunk hacker archetype.
Art/Design: An illustration spread of a lone cyber cowboy in situ, surrounded by blocks of class information as app windows.
Usability: Text is mostly easy to read and understand, with only two points where a word or phrase is partially obscured by another overlapping block of text There is one section of the spread meant to look like it’s glitched, but the result is nearly illegible (the “L1F3H4X” class feature).

Slumdog Scavenger

Concept: “I’m nobody. I’m a tramp, a bum, a hobo. I’m a boxcar and a jug of wine...and a straight razor if you get too close to me.”
Content: A class for the player who likes their cyberpunk absolutely coated in gutter grime.
Writing: Concise class mechanics explained by strong doses of thematic flavor to bring a character to life.
Art/Design: An extremely atmospheric image of a scavenger walking down an alley in the rain framed on either side by class details and features.
Usability: High-contrast text is easily readable, and the overall layout makes for quick scanning and locating desired information.

Trauma Team Specialist

Concept: “Become a trauma team member today.”
Content: A class for the broke med student who wants to chase endorphins via battlefield surgery.
Writing: Brief descriptions and explanations of class features/mechanics that feel appropriately “clinical” and at home in CY.
Art/Design: Two-page spread, with a left-side column of text (reddish pink on white) and a right-side digital illustration of a gun-toting medical specialist.
Usability: Class details are easy to read and navigate, with distinct headings that indicate the scope of each section.
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