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Piero Molino


Concept: ”Let me get into your hands this state-of-the-last-century HyperCard DiskZine tech stack full of pixel + dither cyberpunk art, interviews with fringe-dwelling outsiders, original reality-dulling cocktail recipes, tabletop game asset connoisseurs and designers, 1-bit tech noir AKIRA-inspired comics, industrial and modular synthesizer musicians, sci-fi urban fiction distopias, obscure trash-culture aficionados, early-90s computer counter-culture, and an original agriTech body-horror adventure for your next MÖRK BORG / CY_BORG game session. Best viewed on a classic Macintosh. Or running in your preferred Classic Mac Emulator.” 
Content: A job to retrieve sensitive materials from a facility occupied by eco-terrorists, provided in both a HyperCard program format (available to view in a classic Mac emulator) and in PDF.
Writing: Sensory details, unfolding actions/encounters, and NPC motives abound to bring the mission to life. 
Art/Design: Simple single-column layout, presented primarily as plain text with ASCII-art maps and clearly distinguishable headings. A lo-fi black-and-white illustration of a screaming cyborg head is provided on the cover page/card.
Usability: Text is easily navigable and readable, although the HyperCard version and classic Mac environment might be unfamiliar to some readers.
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