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The Living Advertising

Concept: “Offer your existence to the promotion of advertisements?  Why not! Perhaps your parents designed you for this very purpose, or perhaps you have always wanted to have this life. You are a living advertising. An agreement was made between you and some enterprises so that, day after day, you would share aggressive, disturbing but lucrative advertisements in your daily life. But in the end... It's all about the money. $$$$”
Content: A class for the flashy consumer who’s all about showing off their sponsorship allegiances, whether they want to or not.
Writing: Vivid descriptions of class features complemented by focused, direct mechanics.
Art/Design: Two page tri-fold layout whose visual style is appropriately busy visually, with a plethora of cartoony mascots and icons amid tables and brief paragraphs of class details.
Usability: Despite busy pages, text content is marked with distinctive labels and table roll result numbers for quick identification of desired info.
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