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Sebastian Vazquez

Fatal Exception

Concept: “In the early days of the Net, there were those who saw its potential and sought to harness it. Among them was a naturally gifted hacker who was known to those in the community only as 0nryo. She was one of the first to dive deep beyond the surface and what she found permanently altered her. She spent more and more time diving into the Net, attempting to learn to control it. Eventually people stopped hearing from her. Some assumed her to have gone insane or to have died: black-iced within the Net. However the hackers that would follow her footsteps into the deep would swear that her consciousness remains within the labyrinthine web of data that makes up the Net, waiting for those foolhardy enough to go in too far. These rumors were given new life when a hacker group ventured in searching for her and died a week later.”
Content: A mission to deal with a curse from a fabled hacker’s app cartridge.
Writing: Tons of detailed description of the mission site, unfolding events, and background lore for the GM to employ strategically.
Art/Design: Primarily single-column white on blue, with a gridded map of the destination oil rig and an instance of thematically appropriate glitch text/art.
Usability: Distinct content sections are marked with visible decoration, while major headings are immediately evident as larger text. Directions from each room to others are also helpfully provided.
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