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Marooned Mariner

Concept: “Cheated out of a future, nothing was still something to lose. With the lies they fed you as fuel, you carved out of the coffin they left you in, their blood your sustenance to keep going.”
Content: A class for the tortured soul driven by an unshakable need for revenge.
Writing: Class features consistently evoke motivation to ruin everyone and everything that did the PC wrong in their former life.
Art/Design: Striking image of a marooned mariner rising from a bloody mist/haze in the center of this single-page portrait layout, surrounded by clear tables and descriptions of class features. 
Usability: Unique items are highlighted with colored backgrounds, and consistent font choices suggest how different text sections contribute to class details.

Mörk_NET Illustrated Catalogue - a Cy_BORG Artwork Pack

Concept:Digging through the graft of society, very few things appease the eyes, so feast on these that bring to sight what only resided in the mind. Mörk_NET Illustrated Catalogue follows with this purpose, bringing out high quality artwork with the destructive punk aesthetic known to the scenario while being consistent between each piece, perfect for Virtual Tabletop's weapon icons and inventory management. The pack currently contains nine images, covering the basic Melee Weapons in the system, each of them packaged individually in .png format and transparent background for ease of use.”
Content: A set of images for several melee weapons included in the Cy_Borg rulebook, provided with and without colorful backgrounds.
Writing: N/A
Art/Design: Hand-drawn style is augmented effectively by colorful spray paint-like accents.
Usability: Files are descriptively named and image formats make for easy implementation in VTT or even in-person games.
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