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The Thieves Guild


Concept: “When you need to steal secure data from a CORP and you don’t have the luxury of doing it as a downtime activity you can attempt a HACKING RUN. THIS requires physical access to A CORP’S system from within a facility belonging to THEM. Expect to do this under fire. BRING BACK UP.”
Content: A set of rules to flesh out networked tech infiltrations for those punks looking to score lucrative or sensitive corp data.
Writing: Direct explanations and descriptions of relevant rules and procedures for hacking.
Art/Design: Two-column spread of text details over a neon green patterned background. An additional "light" format has a softer gray background color.
Usability: High-contrast text is easily readable, with consistent and visually distinct elements (headings, key terms, status conditions) that indicate their relationship to other elements.
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