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Conductive Convict

Concept: “You were just another dreg waiting for death. But then that explosion happened inside your prison transport. Your face is on every city corner, but your more concerned with the electricity shooting from your fingers. You don't hunger but crave the power of energy. You need answers, and you suspect you're not the only one of your kind. Will you blaze an unforgiving war path, or be a paragon of hope?”
Content: A class for the player whose relationship with electronics–or even static–is “complicated.”
Writing: Direct explanations of class features provided to situate the player toward the class and its assorted benefits and detriments.
Art/Design: A spread of class details in two columns beside an expressive image of a conductive convict rendered in chalk.
Usability: Layout facilitates navigation between sections and understanding content. However, the class is provided as an image, so text is not searchable or accessible as a result.

M.I.A. Nano-Infected Operative

Concept: “Deep in the GO wastes, long forgotten operatives slowly rot from the nano-infection that has overwhelmed them. They shamble with no direction; they only exist to sustain the infection.”
Content: An enemy to terrorize players with via an infectious omnipresence.
Writing: Class features are explained helpfully, while flavor text offers a vivid window into the operatives’ presence in CY.
Art/Design: A black-and-white image of an operative flashing a v-sign draws the eye, while flies circle it and creature details are provided beside it.
Usability: Text and background have high contrast and category labels are clearly bolded. However, NPC info is provided as a .png so text is not accessible for searching or highlighting.
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