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Veqtor (Göran Sandström)

Vindicated Prepper

Concept: “‘They thought you were insane, now they realize you were right. But were you? It doesn't matter, because it is too late for them. You must survive…’ An old man or woman who have spent their lives preparing for the apocalypse who now finds themselves in a perpetual never ending one. Will they survive? Even thrive?”
Content: A class for the punk who’s well-stocked for nearly any apocalyptic occasion.
Writing: Brief, extremely flavorful tables and mechanics that round out assorted approaches to playing a vindicated prepper, provided in a mix of straightforward and tongue-in-cheek tones. 
Art/Design: Bright green on a red cloudy pattern background, organized mainly in a three-column format.
Usability: Consistent presentation of content sections via organization, headings, emphasized info, etc. all make for easy navigation and identification of desired details.
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