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100 CY_BORG Characters

Concept: “Let me guess, your players are at prepping a heist and in the process take a turn you didn’t expect leading them to want to talk to someone that's not a part of their current goal. Sure you could improve something on the fly but why not let this list of 100 Cy_Borg Characters and their goals take some of the work of running the game off your shoulders?”
Content: A list of one hundred NPCs, each provided with a name and a one-sentence description of them.
Writing: Sentences are terse but hint at potential plot hooks for a table of punks to explore.
Art/Design: A cover page has an illustrated portrait of a young person in a hood. Otherwise, the list consists of single-column list entries in white on a black background (and a black-on-white version is also provided). 
Usability: High-contrast text in a visually readable font, aided by consistent numbering and spacing throughout, makes for easy perusing and navigating to desired information.