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Enter the Dismal Armory

Concept: “Welcome to a sneak preview of the upcoming Wasteland Degenerates RPG!  While this 12-page solo game differs in several mechanical ways to the final product coming to BackerKit, the worldbuilding and vibes are consistent with my final vision.  This is meant to be a solo journaling RPG played with All Of the Dice, a pencil/pen, and paper, both of the regular and graph variety.”
Content: A post-apocalyptic solo RPG in the vein of Dark Fort. 
Writing: Tons of details about the world and the game rules to provide a player with lots to imagine and to write about (for those who journal as they play) while exploring an ominous armory.
Art/Design: While there are several illustrations of the armory and of a punk, the layout is primarily a set of single-column black-on-white pages of text. 
Usability: High-contrast text with consistent heading/label formatting (bold, larger font size, underlining for labels, etc.) and whitespace (between elements, to the left of list items, etc.) make navigation of the document easier given the sheer amount of information provided in twelve pages.