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Genetically Modified Freak

Concept: “Valued user, Thank you for enrolling in the GENETIC OPERATIVE testing program. Per request of entities we cannot disclose, you been imbued with the finest BIO-IMPLANTS R&D has workshopped. Your valiant work in product testing is important in forging a brighter future. This concludes our correspondence. We take no responsibility for any action you take from this point forward. Goodbye.”
Content: A class for the transhumanist body horror aficionado.
Writing: Sparse but incredibly vivid description of class abilities complemented by an equally vivid but more detailed table of bio-implants.
Art/Design: A variety of message styles present class info with a colorful and gruesome skull-faced figure to demonstrate just how freakish the class is.
Usability: Different class details are easy to identify and distinguish from one another; bio-implants table is a necessity for maximum enjoyment/potential.