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Drake Berry

Forgotten Salary Drone

Concept: “Once a desk jockey for a powerful corp, the system has forgotten you even exist. You are now freed from your shackles with only your debts remaining. Free to weaponize the skills and connections they gave you against them. Even the streets are better company than the spineless losers you had the displeasure of calling coworkers.”
Content: A class for the overlooked and overburdened worker who’s ready to demolish the master’s house with the master’s tools.
Writing: Bursts of flavorful text that support intriguing mechanics that set the class apart from others (and that definitely aren’t HR-approved). 
Art/Design: Spread layout highlights a glitch-tastic portrait of a salary drone beside class abilities and a description on a post-it note.
Usability: Different sections of class details are easily distinguished and laid out for quick navigability. Dark green on black can be difficult to read.

Genetically Modified Freak

Concept: “Valued user, Thank you for enrolling in the GENETIC OPERATIVE testing program. Per request of entities we cannot disclose, you been imbued with the finest BIO-IMPLANTS R&D has workshopped. Your valiant work in product testing is important in forging a brighter future. This concludes our correspondence. We take no responsibility for any action you take from this point forward. Goodbye.”
Content: A class for the transhumanist body horror aficionado.
Writing: Sparse but incredibly vivid description of class abilities complemented by an equally vivid but more detailed table of bio-implants.
Art/Design: A variety of message styles present class info with a colorful and gruesome skull-faced figure to demonstrate just how freakish the class is.
Usability: Different class details are easy to identify and distinguish from one another; bio-implants table is a necessity for maximum enjoyment/potential.

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