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Concept: “A metal frenzy, mech-infused expansion. High-tech machines, renegade pilots, & corporate tyranny_”
Content: Tons of information (across 60 pages) about mechs and how they might fit into the world of CY, complete with creation/generation rules, relevant NPCs/enemies, gear to upgrade with, new rules and mechanics to incorporate, a new class ("The Chrome Jockey"), and even some floorplans for potential jobs.
Writing: Ideas galore on each page, some of which are easier to situate than others, but all of which exude inspiration about mech-related activities.
Art/Design: The Cy_Borg core rulebook aesthetic is emulated here more closely than in any other 3rd-party product reviewed thus far, grafting designs from many of the core book’s spreads among more distinct layouts.
Usability: Each page/spread has its own visual language, but there are cues in each to indicate consistent presentation of distinct content. Like the core Cy_Borg rulebook, the radical shifts in aesthetic may initially be overwhelming for some to engage.