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Concept: “NeuroBlade is a sentient knife that gives you 1 of 8 buffs while wielding it.”
Content: An intelligent weapon for the punk who sees each piece of equipment as a potential collaborator.
Writing: Spartan details to focus on the pragmatic role(s) the neuroblade might serve when used (and how that translates into game mechanics).
Art/Design: Dark-on-light color scheme with a large illustration of a combat knife above two-column arrangement of text content sections. 
Usability: Different font sizes and choices used to reflect different kinds of content. Visually, text is mostly high-contrast, although some smaller text might be difficult to read. File is provided as .png, so text is not embedded (meaning no searching/selecting or using a screen reader).

Orbital HackPhreak

Concept: “Gaining superuser access to corp-owned satellites for fun and profit.”
Content: A set of rules and tables relating to hacking into satellites or similar orbital systems.
Writing: Straightforward rules doused in cyberpunk flavor/effect to make each hacking attempt a memorable one.
Art/Design: Content provided in both .png (with a two-column, black-on-white, one-page portrait scheme) and .txt (single-column text with some ASCII art/embellishment) formats.
Usability: Distinct rules sections are visually distinguished in each format type, and ASCII art in .txt version provides an aesthetically similar experience to viewing .png version.
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