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Last of the Good Ones

Concept: “Somewhere in G0: A naniteinfested monstrosity is trying to help those tossed to the turrets within the cement walls of G0. Within the confines of the abandoned CY Central Mall, a monument of capitalism now a battle ground between 4 factions, The Heir of Kergoz, Virid Vipers, an other worldly being know as Vecbod, and a relentless horde of mushroom brained zombies. It doesn’t matter if you’re here out of desperation or curiosity, having a safe house in G0 is worth hearing”
Content: A mall crawl for survival in the shadows of an ominous otherworldly threat.
Writing: Imaginative and disturbing ideas abound, giving GMs and players alike plenty of unexpected encounters, creatures/NPCs, and opportunities to run wild with. 
Art/Design: Two-page spreads packed with visually loud and abrasive aesthetic choices that reflect the chaos of the scenario itself.
Usability: Progression through the document reveals locations and monsters as players would encounter them. A wide variety of layouts, color schemes, font choices, and text size can make some content easier to locate and read than others.