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Luis "Gaffy" Lopez

404.fm “THE JAMZ”

Concept: “A crazed socialite with a seemingly bottomless wallet and far more information and connections than one person in CY has any right to. He could take over this city in a matter of days, instead he’d rather play sick jams as the backing to an even sicker game.”
Content: An adventure/scenario for destructive PCs who enjoy a soundtrack to their chaos from a malevolent DJ.
Writing: Brief descriptions of tasks to complete cunningly reflect a variety of music genres that the GM is encouraged to develop a playlist for ahead of time (punk, metal, hip-hop, electronic, etc.). 
Art/Design: White text on dark brick-pattern background with a hand-drawn chaotic punk in motion on the cover. Each page (focused on a musical genre and its tasks) is given unique character with font choices and text arrangement.
Usability: Large text makes identifying each element and its relation to other elements–and a similar structure for each page helps this identification and navigation. Helpful note for GMs on the last page also encourages combination and experimentation.

CY_OPS issue one

9 contributors
Concept: “CY_OPS is a 66 page A6 player-facing CY_BORG zine presented as an in-universe punk zine. No mechanics, no stats, just a chaotic little zine full of worldbuilding, quest hooks, items and a bunch of other cyberpunk stuff for your players to use in your CY_BORG games.”
Content: NPCs full of personality quirks, unique equipment ideas, and scenario/adventure ideas casually scattered across hectically organized spreads mixing hi- and lo-fi design and tech aesthetics. "Activity" pages offer even more direct involvement with the document.
Writing: Infectiously fun, engaging ideas presented as in-universe media, from QR codes to other CY_BORG material to instruction manual pages to chat transcripts and more. “Worldbuilding” feels like an understatement.
Art/Design: Two-page spreads stand mostly independent of one another, with some common fonts and illustration styles that draw attention to a wide range of character, occupation, and gear-related concepts that open up even more possibilities for immersing a party in CY. 
Usability: Different spread layouts may not assist with consistency, but text is mostly high-contrast and readable (some pages’ white on pink might be difficult for some readers, as is text perpendicular to main orientation). Sheer amount of content is likely to keep readers interested and closely perusing each page.

Last of the Good Ones

Concept: “Somewhere in G0: A naniteinfested monstrosity is trying to help those tossed to the turrets within the cement walls of G0. Within the confines of the abandoned CY Central Mall, a monument of capitalism now a battle ground between 4 factions, The Heir of Kergoz, Virid Vipers, an other worldly being know as Vecbod, and a relentless horde of mushroom brained zombies. It doesn’t matter if you’re here out of desperation or curiosity, having a safe house in G0 is worth hearing”
Content: A mall crawl for survival in the shadows of an ominous otherworldly threat.
Writing: Imaginative and disturbing ideas abound, giving GMs and players alike plenty of unexpected encounters, creatures/NPCs, and opportunities to run wild with. 
Art/Design: Two-page spreads packed with visually loud and abrasive aesthetic choices that reflect the chaos of the scenario itself.
Usability: Progression through the document reveals locations and monsters as players would encounter them. A wide variety of layouts, color schemes, font choices, and text size can make some content easier to locate and read than others.

Where CY Festers Vol1 The Blood of Aliens

Concept: “Made for The Rolled Standards Trigger Warning: Trigger Happy Jam, this adventure is a simple assassination mission in a rundown church in the heart of G0. Risk nano infestations while trying to kill off the cult leader Farther Barnos, return his head and a requested item for a fat pay out.”
Content: A job to unseat the head of a local church.
Writing: Intense descriptions of the mission’s most important locations and events/encounters.
Art/Design: A mix of analog hand-drawn and digital illustrations accompany a mostly single-column layout of white, green, and pink on black backgrounds.
Usability: Text is mostly readable and searchable (except for Barnos’ stat block, which is handwritten text) with clear visual distinctions–color, typeface, white space–between sections of content.
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