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Where CY Festers Vol1 The Blood of Aliens

Concept: “Made for The Rolled Standards Trigger Warning: Trigger Happy Jam, this adventure is a simple assassination mission in a rundown church in the heart of G0. Risk nano infestations while trying to kill off the cult leader Farther Barnos, return his head and a requested item for a fat pay out.”
Content: A job to unseat the head of a local church.
Writing: Intense descriptions of the mission’s most important locations and events/encounters.
Art/Design: A mix of analog hand-drawn and digital illustrations accompany a mostly single-column layout of white, green, and pink on black backgrounds.
Usability: Text is mostly readable and searchable (except for Barnos’ stat block, which is handwritten text) with clear visual distinctions–color, typeface, white space–between sections of content.