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Raised by Wolves

Concept: “This six-page PDF contains the adventure Raised by Wolves, which sees players taking on a job in an abandoned capsule condo scheduled for demolition, and facing a cult determined to resurrect their (literally) corrupted leader.”
Content: A job to deal with a noise complaint, along with a new class: the Feral Foundling.
Writing: Lots of concise details and snippets that bring the mission location and the optional class to life.
Art/Design: Six two-page spreads with three- to four-column layouts of content on most pages. Several different color schemes and aesthetics differentiate distinct areas of focus (apartment building map; job details; key location; class).
Usability: Each spread makes use of a consistent visual grammar to indicate distinct sections of content and headings/labels, with high-contrast text/background throughout. Text is not embedded, so searching for or selecting text is not possible.