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Concept: “The PCs have just returned the stolen chrome legs to Doc Joy (or whatever our PCs have just done) when the good Doc muses about a recent surge in demand for augmented legs. He attributes it first to prominent bloodsport players, eager for an advantage, though now it’s become fashionable - a bubble that’s soon to burst. But for now, there’s good money to be made.”
Content: Intended as a followup to Reaper Repo, this cargo ship heist presents a chance for PCs to explore a locale that may not frequently get the spotlight.
Writing: Crisp, dense descriptions of locations and NPCs (who are excellently fleshed out with motivations & likely behaviors) bring the adventure to life, especially via strategically bolded key terms and adjectives.
Art/Design: Asymmetrical two-column layouts across several pages along with an illustration of the salvaged cargo ship.
Usability: Large headers and bolding provide helpful means of identifying important information and navigating different elements.