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Justin Bost

A Botched Delivery

Concept: “This scenario was written to tie two separate groups of PCs together into one central narrative. One group of PCs are fleeing from the Reaper Repo scenario (included in the CY_BORG Asset Pack) while another group of PCs are waiting in a getaway car.”
Content: An intricate means of integrating multiple PC parties into the same story, making skillful use of the Full Auto supplement for support (required for this adventure’s vehicular component).
Writing: Focused direction for how to set up & run the encounter components (including individual NPCs) is valuable for the GM unsure of how to handle everything. Tons of ambience provided in descriptions of the scenario location.
Art/Design: Simple three-column layout across three pages, with a map illustration and room descriptions across p. 2.
Usability: Content is pretty easily navigable thanks to simplicity of layout, with some accent color and bolding choices to help distinguish section headers and important details.


Concept: “The PCs have just returned the stolen chrome legs to Doc Joy (or whatever our PCs have just done) when the good Doc muses about a recent surge in demand for augmented legs. He attributes it first to prominent bloodsport players, eager for an advantage, though now it’s become fashionable - a bubble that’s soon to burst. But for now, there’s good money to be made.”
Content: Intended as a followup to Reaper Repo, this cargo ship heist presents a chance for PCs to explore a locale that may not frequently get the spotlight.
Writing: Crisp, dense descriptions of locations and NPCs (who are excellently fleshed out with motivations & likely behaviors) bring the adventure to life, especially via strategically bolded key terms and adjectives.
Art/Design: Asymmetrical two-column layouts across several pages along with an illustration of the salvaged cargo ship.
Usability: Large headers and bolding provide helpful means of identifying important information and navigating different elements.

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