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Street Crews

Concept: “Part of the Street Death series and inspired by Jetset Radio, graffiti culture and skateboard competitions, street crews adds 3 new street gang enemies inspired by the crews of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk!”
Content: A trio of enemies to fuck up a table of punks–or just to populate the background of some of CY’s more dangerous back streets. 
Writing: 50/50 mechanics and descriptive flavor, with each NPC receiving a unique and potentially devastating ability that reflects the essence of their gang’s theme.
Art/Design: A two-column table with each gang in its own row: a description on the left and stats on the right. Black on green with alternating cell background colors (lighter and darker greens).
Usability: Each table cell and element is recognizably distinct, making the page easy to peruse and locate desired information. Consistent use of underlining and whitespace helps create a visual grammar to quickly pick up on.