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Trouble with TA1L-YP-0

Concept: “It's a real easy gig... Just taste test T-G Labs new Infini-meat and participate in a quick focus group! You'll soon be on your way with a fistful of kreds. Where's the meat come from you ask? I'm afraid we can't share that proprietary information.”
Content: A mission to survive a marketing research meeting.
Writing: Brief bursts of flavor and mechanics (including an intriguing set of maze/escape tables) directed to both GM and player.
Art/Design: Landscape-oriented black-on-white spread (with yellow, pink, and blue highlights) includes a hand-drawn illustration of a cryptid in the top right corner, and two main columns of text content (the left of which has two columns of tables within it).
Usability: Consistent presentation of content, with visually identifiable headings, labels, and marginal notes. Layout makes referring to specific info easy, especially stats for NPCs appearing in maze room encounters.