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Thy Flesh, Transformed

Concept: “On an expedition into the subways of G0, beneath an ancient foundry, the punks are infected with the IRON VIRUS a nanovirus that turns flesh to metal, hair to wire and nails to scalpels. The subway screens flicker to life. The metal tyrant Wodan announces the countdown of sacrifices to priming the Iron Egg. If not stopped, it will destroy everything in a Nearby District. STOP THEM”
Content: A body horror-centric race against the clock to stop a virus-wielding tyrant.
Writing: A disgustingly fascinating adventure, complete with a set of viral nano-infections to make one’s skin crawl (perhaps literally).
Art/Design: Two-page spreads of the scenario setup (and impressively vivid depiction of the virus in action), GM notes, infection list, adventure locations and creatures, and a map.
Usability: Easy to navigate and text (primarily white on black) is readable–the opposite end of the “unsettling” spectrum of document’s content.

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