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M. Allen Hall

The Backrooms

Concept: “An assassin has been pulling off hits that no one would have dreamed possible. They have been infiltrating secure locations across Central and The Hills. The punks have a job: take out the assassin. Figuring out who they are working for or how they have been able to access VIPs across Cy would be good, too. The punks have a location: a lucky SecOp tagged the assassin and tracked them to a nearby slum. Are they ready for what is waiting for them? Can they possibly be ready to get pulled into The Backrooms?”
Content: A gig to take down an assassin in a disorienting locale. Mission details provided in full-color and black-and-white versions, along with a player handout of the location map.
Writing: Helpful, descriptive explanations provide GMs with the means to run this mission successfully.
Art/Design: Tri-fold pamphlet layout offers mission info across three internal panels (along with an abstract map of the Backrooms), while key NPC and additional app info is provided on outer panels.
Usability: Layout and color scheme allow for easy navigation and recognition of each content element.

VIP Abduction

Concept: “The punks have a mission. Kidnap Lukas Tosk. He's traveling with just his driver today. It'll be a quick 10k¤. Or so they think. VIP Abduction is a pamphlet-sized module for CY_BORG. It includes a map of a Virid Viper safe house and everything you need to put inside to set up the abduction mission. The module includes stat blocks for new characters and page numbers for referencing the CY_BORG rule book for other stat blocks and tables.”
Content: A kidnapping mission with a bonus automotive theft component.
Writing: Job setup and preparation/site location info is provided first, followed by sections on the mission execution and target/enemy NPCs.
Art/Design: Two versions: full-color and black-and-white. Trifold brochure layout with full color outer panels (in full color version), while inner panels are black and white in both versions. An overhead map of the mission locale is also included as a separate file.
Usability: Bolded headers and key labels/descriptors help call attention to important information, and consistent spacing makes it easy to identify individual sections of content. Overall arrangement of info reduces need to jump around between panels to locate immediately useful specifics. Full-color gradient pattern background on outer panels provides decent contrast to maintain text readability.
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