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The Darkest Month of 2023

Concept: “Compilation of my Mörktober entries, all 31 of them, some monsters, some gear, some adventures, some NPC and some bits of lore, mostly Mörk borg, but also some CY_borg. All 31 are PNG format.”
Content: A few Cy_Borg rules and NPC entries to make CY all the spookier: “Haunted,” “Purple Stargazers,” and “God Damn Rain.”
Writing: Concise description and mechanics to focus a player’s (and a GM’s) attention on not only how each entry can affect the game but also how it can affect the character(s) who have to deal with it.
Art/Design: Each landscape-oriented entry contains an illustration of its subject and text taking up the remainder of the page. Lots of color choices that cement each entry in the Cy_Borg cyberpunk milieu.
Usability: Much of the text in each entry is high-contrast, and blocks of content are arranged to indicate distinction from one another as well as conceptual connection (e.g., list items). However, each entry is an image and so text is not searchable or selectable.
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