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Magenta Pages of Cy_

Concept: “A collection of one-page, one-shot gigs for your favorite sci-fi RPG, with Cy_Borg compatible stat blocks.”
Content: Three adventures, each on its own two-page spread. Two have been previously published individually: “No More Heroes” and “The Trouble with Ta1l-Yp-0.”
Writing: Each adventure provides a focus on description and ambience, supported with brief mechanics (NPCs, random encounters, etc.) for GM use.
Art/Design: Two adventures are provided with a map on the right-side page, while the third has a hand-drawn illustration of a key NPC in its habitat. The left side of each adventure is black-on-white text arranged in one and two columns of distinct content sections.
Usability: Fonts are readable, with visually evident features for headings, labels, and body text (which might differ between each spread but is consistent for a given adventure). Borders and white space help separate distinct text blocks.