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Masterless Mascot

Concept: “You were a mascot. The corporation died. You kept the suit. You kept the SPIRIT. Welcome to the gig economy.”
Content: A class for the on-brand morale booster who’s been let go but who won’t let go.
Writing: A potent taste of character abilities and mechanics (with intriguingly weaponized commercial tools) crammed into a single, heavily redacted, page.
Art/Design: A single two-column spread with an illustration of a masterless mascot in the bottom right corner. Primarily black on white with red highlights, with a bit of white-on-black text in one table. Each section of the page has a different style that calls attention to its contributions to punks using this class.
Usability: Despite a wide variety of table/section-specific styles, there is consistent distinction between headings/labels and body text, and the page layout makes it easy to recognize how each section’s content relates to that of the others.