Ex Libris CY_BORG A directory of content, tools, and resources


Concept: “A random mission generator compatible with CY_BORG.” 
Content: A web-based generator for the GM or player who wants to be inspired by the shotgun blast of immediate world-building results displayed on the screen.
Writing: Concise categories (based in part on Mörk Borg’s dungeon generator) frame answers to relevant questions (e.g., “The PCs are contacted by a _____”) and arranged to reveal an unfolding narrative for a GM to build an encounter or adventure around.
Art/Design: Stark, high-contrast, three-color, text-only layout distinguishes different sections of content with clear headers and mouseover highlighting of each element. Range of color options available for semi-customized display to fit the viewer’s aesthetic.
Usability: Countless possibilities can be generated quickly, or individual elements can be clicked to iterate through options more granually. Generated output can be printed or downloaded for preservation.