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Raw Drug

Concept: “A relic of a thousand catastrophes’ past. This pharmaceutical playground houses a biochem cult called THE ARGON ANNIALHIT. Nanorobotic blood-treatments, agonizing bodymods, and ‘The Last High in CY’ – a micro-ink shop and ooze lounge – permeate this piss-hole too. But even in the inebriated ruins of this importunate husk, there is worth. Mere pixels of .NET/organic mutter of a sealed organ freezer the ANNIALHIT has yet to open. Open it.”
Content: A mission to infiltrate a cult headquarters in search of chemical riches.
Writing: Job parameters are flexible thanks to “Client” and “Looking For” tables, resulting in a variety of distinct gigs. Site room descriptions provide short, concentrated features and scenery to help GMs bring the place to life.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout in black-and-light-tan color scheme with mission parameters on the outer panels and room info with central hand-drawn map on the inner panels.
Usability: Easily navigable pages with visually distinct headings, with a variety of readable fonts. NPC/enemy information is provided in contrasting boxes for quick identification and reference.