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Raw Drug

Concept: “A relic of a thousand catastrophes’ past. This pharmaceutical playground houses a biochem cult called THE ARGON ANNIALHIT. Nanorobotic blood-treatments, agonizing bodymods, and ‘The Last High in CY’ – a micro-ink shop and ooze lounge – permeate this piss-hole too. But even in the inebriated ruins of this importunate husk, there is worth. Mere pixels of .NET/organic mutter of a sealed organ freezer the ANNIALHIT has yet to open. Open it.”
Content: A mission to infiltrate a cult headquarters in search of chemical riches.
Writing: Job parameters are flexible thanks to “Client” and “Looking For” tables, resulting in a variety of distinct gigs. Site room descriptions provide short, concentrated features and scenery to help GMs bring the place to life.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout in black-and-light-tan color scheme with mission parameters on the outer panels and room info with central hand-drawn map on the inner panels.
Usability: Easily navigable pages with visually distinct headings, with a variety of readable fonts. NPC/enemy information is provided in contrasting boxes for quick identification and reference.


Concept: “Meatspace decays. AR sputters. VR goes black. There are perilous chambers for those descending too deep in the THE NET. Nothing in them but shimmering entropy. Fractal pits. Voidpoints.”
Content: A set of rules for when a player fumbles an app roll while in the net, along with a set of locations to explore when doing so.
Writing: Brief, evocative descriptions of sensory experiences that can cause a punk to question their reality, even as digital dangers risk their annihilation.
Art/Design: Organized as a trifold pamphlet basic rules and title/credit info are provided on outer panels (in white-on-black color scheme), while voidpoint locations and a map are provided across the inner panels (in black-on-white color scheme). 
Usability: Headings and labels are visually distinct from body text and consistent in appearance. Map locations are numbered and correspond to descriptions surrounding the map image. Text is not embedded, so searching/selecting is not possible.
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