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Random Location Gallery

Concept: “All my Mörk Borg/Cy_Borg fanart can be used freely by anyone, without having to ask me and without crediting me!”
Content: A collection of overhead maps for potential mission locations to be used in Cy_Borg games.
Writing: Some maps have brief mission parameters/goals, location names or nicknames, and/or room details.
Art/Design: Primarily neon pink and white on black, with some additional colors for important room features. At least one map has a black-on-pink color scheme.
Usability: Map images are high resolution for easy use printed or for VTT environments. Text details that are included are readable and consistently placed near the bottom of images.

Reaper Repo: CY_BORG Maps for VTT

Concept: “Original maps for the CY_BORG short adventure "Reaper Repo" for use in virtual tabletop programs. Maps are 100px to a tile.”
Content: VTT maps provided in PNG and WEBP format, both individually and as a combined file of maps, and as a print-friendly PDF.
Writing: N/A
Art/Design: White and light green on a transparent or dark green background.
Usability: Map files easy to implement in VTT environment.

What to Eat at the End of the World

Concept: “The world is ending, but not fast enough. Poison drizzles from the skies and mats in the gutters. Reality flickers and stutters, but doesn't go out. And the people of this spliced and plated rainsick hell can't afford to starve like ascetics, awaiting purification by the end. It could be days from now that judgement comes. Or it could be never. Their bellies still grumble in discontent. So the people of CY eat. They eat for nourishment and for distraction and to be seen in the act of specific consumptions. They eat scraps and banquets, packaged rations and homecooked platters. They eat, and they look out glitching windows, and they hope the apocalypse holds off for another day.”
Content: Myriad options for restaurants/eateries in CY, with business descriptions, menu lists, and costs for dishes. 
Writing: Each establishment is given its own flavor/style, and descriptions reflect in-universe perceptions of the place and its fare as much as they provide helpful worldbuilding notes for GMs.
Art/Design: While each page includes the same essential components, different font, color, and graphic selections contribute to unique identities for the restaurants included in the supplement.
Usability: Text is consistently readable and navigable even across a wide range of fonts, and only occasionally are there color changes (e.g., from background patterns) that might momentarily disrupt reading. Hyperlinked ToC makes for an even quicker navigating/locating experience.
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