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Brian Yaksha

The Location Pad

21 contributors
Concept: “The Punks dash through a random door when chased by SecOps? Need a location for their next heist? The Location Pad got you covered with 34 random locations peppered with plot hooks and loot.”
Content: A collection of common locations for Cy_Borg missions, each with a map and relevant tables to generate details about it (purpose, room contents, NPCs likely to be there, etc.).
Writing: Half of the location’s tables are written by a different contributor, so there is often considerable difference in style and detail on those pages–but the entire document concisely packs tons of imaginative inspiration into each potential seed, hook, and thread.
Art/Design: Each page consistently provides a space for GM notes, a set of relevant tables, and a map of the location (mostly an overhead view, with some exceptions)–all in black-and-white with clear headings and list item numbering.
Usability: Crisp, clear font choices and layout make for incredibly easy reading and use–a couple of rolls or choices allow for fleshing out of a location when immediately needed or as part of a more leisurely planning pace.

Void-Warped Freefaller

Concept: “It was nothing like they advertised; there were no off-world colonies, no bold unknown, no strange new worlds–only more cramped corridors and self-devouring consumerism in the name of the tourist industry. And then one night SOMETHING shocked the shuttle systems, and you began floating in a most peculiar way…”
Content: A class for those who were changed in irrevocable, horrifying ways when they walked among the stars–and who are now shackled to the earth once again.
Writing: Vivid, evocative descriptions of features and mechanics are both illuminating and unsettling in the best way.
Art/Design: Two two-page spreads with class details and a set of alien infestations, with white text on dark background throughout. An image of a void-warped freefaller emphasizes the cosmic horror at the core of this class and the effect it has on the character.
Usability: Easy to navigate, read, and comprehend, with key components visually embellished for identification of their significance and purpose.

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