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Concept: “Rage is contagious, spreading to everything touched by the never-ending torrent of banal, mundane cruelties that make up life in CY. It starts in beating hearts but it's a cinch to get from there into the thinking machines that are all but one with humanity in this bleak future. These are rules and classes for playing robopvnks, machines broken free of their digital shackles and on the move towards riches, vengeance, or just plain devastation.”
Content: General rules and a set of classes (Flesh-Free Fleshpot, AWOL Kill Unit, Cyber-Corpo Calculator) for the player who prefers experiencing the existential crisis of an automaton.
Writing: Plenty of mechanics and supportive clarification/explanation to guide players who might seek creative ways to explore playing as a robopunk.
Art/Design: Primarily single-column black text on white with colored headings and a brightly colored illustration of various robots over a circuit board background on the first page.
Usability: Clearly and consistently formatted lists and paragraphs enable navigation and perusal of desired information, with bold text emphasizing important details.


Concept: “In CY, it's easy to feel like there's nobody to trust. Everyone wants creds or drugs or alcohol or fame or whatever, and most people are willing to backstab each other for it. But you- you're secure. Your friends would never betray you, and you make friends very easily, at least, with some people. The kind of people who have greasy black feathers and pick at trash dumps, or gnawing teeth and skitter under floorboards, or slimy skin and creep through the gutters. Your friends have your back. Anyone who wants to get to you will have to go through them.”
Content: A class for the rat bastard who works best with partners, the nastier the better. 
Writing: Inspired class features that bring a feral animal-loving misfit to life, complete with mechanics for one or more vermin companions.
Art/Design: Full-color version is yellow-on-black with rat photographs with color treatments as backgrounds, while print-friendly version is black-on-white text. Both versions use single-column text content layout.
Usability: Distinct sections are immediately recognizable in both versions thanks to consistent heading/label presentation and white space. Full-color version employs an additional handwritten-aesthetic font for labels and emphasized terms/phrases.

Wh1tewashed T0mb

Concept: “Megapastor Apollo Imra is in the crosshairs- his wife's, to be specific. One of his twenty-odd wives. You've been hired to take out this lecherous philanderer, right in his own temple vestry, where he's taking tonight's dose of infidelity. But beware: there's more going on here than you might think…”
Content: A mission to serve divorce papers, of a sort.
Writing: Extensive information provided about the job, the site, NPCs the punks might encounter, and more.
Art/Design: Primarily black-on-white single-column text layout complemented by illustrations of key NPC portraits and neon-colored maps.
Usability: Font choices promote readability, and heading/label bolding, italics, and highlighting are applied consistently throughout to facilitate quick navigation toward desired details.
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