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Nightly Imports

Concept: “A Cy_Borg zine featuring: D12 Cybertech from Nueuropa [...] D6 Legends of Cy [... and] Street Cred - A New Mechanic.”
Content: Options for gear, NPCs, and a ‘street cred’ reputation tracker that can add extra dimensions to a game.
Writing: Four pages of enticing tables filled with flavorful descriptions and mechanics that reflect strange, horrifying, and completely appropriate events and circumstances.
Art/Design: Four two-page spreads each have a distinct focus and color scheme that extends from one to the next, from a stark red/black/white to a neon purple/blue.
Usability: Language is direct and straightforward in describing and explaining each subject, with each table making use of a consistent visual grammar to help with navigation. However, text is not embedded, so no searching or copying/pasting is possible.


Concept: “There is a new drug on the streets called Ambrosia.  It will make you see the gods. Are these GODS real? There are dozens if not hundreds of people seeing them. They are looming over CY like falling planets, ready to steal your soul. Group hallucination? A bug in the system? Does it matter?”
Content: A smorgasbord of fever-dream content: drugs that manifest perceptions of gods (who give unique blessings with killer mechanics!); player classes for a ronin, private eye, amateur wrestler, and moonpunk; tables of people to meet on the street or items to find in the trash; NPCs to fight; drugs, food and gear; and even poetry.
Writing: Thematic punches of flavor that spice up concise and clear mechanical effects. An author’s note indicates some text was generated/aided by AI.
Art/Design: Two-page spreads with unique layout schemes that feel in sync with the aesthetic of the official Cy_Borg rulebook. An author’s note indicates some art was generated/aided by AI, and the variety of styles applied to the book’s spreads is impressive.
Usability: While there is a wide range of fonts and colors on each page spread, high contrast makes the vast majority of content easy to identify and navigate. Text is not embedded (except on a small number of pages), so screen reader and searching/copying/pasting functionalities are mostly unavailable.

Rules of Nature

Concept: “Design a man-made predator on the verge of death, drawing you closer to your last breath. It's survival of the fittest, but evolution has taken a backseat. A build-able, A.I. pet that you can trick out with various weapons and gear. Think of Bladewolf from Metal Gear Rising. Yeah, basically that, but for CY_Borg.“
Content: Order your own cyber-pet and its customizable loadout/upgrades. 
Writing: Set up as an in-universe catalog, rules are provided tightly alongside potent descriptions and upgrade labels.
Art/Design: Two-page spread of content, with black text on white accented with blue elements (e.g., upgrade costs) and light gray illustrations in the background. Two dark-themed front/back cover pages frame the main content. 
Usability: Font choices are easily readable and mostly high-contrast, with visually evident headings and demarcations of content. Text is not searchable/selectable.


Concept: “Three new Smart ‘guns’, a new pistol, a new drone and two new apps.”
Content: Several killer items and apps for the player character that needs just the right tool for the job.
Writing: Crisp descriptions of equipment-specific mechanics and costs.
Art/Design: Weapon page layout resembles a store catalog/ad, while app page layout focuses attention on a central image of cassette components with app details above and below it.
Usability: For the most part, easily readable and navigable, although some equipment details are provided in a very small font.

Spiderweb of Dreams

Concept: “BASILISK DISTRO STATION is broadcasting now… Corrupted data filtered through radio transmitters in precise patterns has the potential to scramble the human mind. Psionic data pushed through this same process has the potential to bring into reality the THOUGHTFORM; a shadowy mess of thoughts manifested as glitched reality.“
Content: A psionically-themed monster and cybertech item.
Writing: Concise, immersive descriptions and succinct mechanics for the ‘thoughtform’ creature and the ‘psionjack’ cybertech.
Art/Design: White-on-black spread with four columns of content accentuated with white character art designs and two dark illustrations.
Usability: Content is arranged to clearly distinguish specific sections and labels. Supplement is provided in pdf, png, and plain text versions.

The Backrooms

Concept: “An assassin has been pulling off hits that no one would have dreamed possible. They have been infiltrating secure locations across Central and The Hills. The punks have a job: take out the assassin. Figuring out who they are working for or how they have been able to access VIPs across Cy would be good, too. The punks have a location: a lucky SecOp tagged the assassin and tracked them to a nearby slum. Are they ready for what is waiting for them? Can they possibly be ready to get pulled into The Backrooms?”
Content: A gig to take down an assassin in a disorienting locale. Mission details provided in full-color and black-and-white versions, along with a player handout of the location map.
Writing: Helpful, descriptive explanations provide GMs with the means to run this mission successfully.
Art/Design: Tri-fold pamphlet layout offers mission info across three internal panels (along with an abstract map of the Backrooms), while key NPC and additional app info is provided on outer panels.
Usability: Layout and color scheme allow for easy navigation and recognition of each content element.

The Smart Jack/Jackie

Concept: “Smart Jacks, and Jackies, also known as Pretenders and jarods, are a product of experimental military technology that attempted to cross volatile, creative personalities with advanced neural surgery, brain chemistry manipulation and psychological programming....To breed natural Jacks-of-all-trades.”
Content: A class for the state-of-the-art technodabbler.
Writing: Detailed descriptions set up the class conceptually, with concise background-related tables offering a more direct glimpse into what a Smart Jack(ie) might care about.
Art/Design: Single-column text in distinct color-coded sections, with a description of Smart-Tech and Smart-Chips gear in a skewed/angled text layout.
Usability: Text is mostly readable, with high contrast between text/background and with clear headings and labels provided with different font, color, or bold/italics. Angled Smart-Tech section might pose trouble for screen reader programs.

The Society for Free Minds

Concept: “DO YOU WISH TO SEE THE UNKNOWN? A dash of conspiratorial thinking for your next CY_BORG game. Contains a table of weird things to find on the NET, two UFO themed enemies, equipment, and a bunch of references to sci-fi and horror.”
Content: A zine featuring governmental and alien menaces, a table of interesting net discoveries, and several items.
Writing: A balanced mix of unsettling horror and tongue-in-cheek humor presented as a mostly in-universe document.
Art/Design: Dark gray on light yellow/tan scheme (reflecting printed homemade zine aesthetic) with one- and two-column layouts of text, accompanied by cartoon and silhouette illustrations of enemies, items, and more.
Usability: High fore/ground contrast and font choices make for easy reading, with larger headings and handwritten marginal notes consistently applied throughout.

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die

26 contributors
Concept: “Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die is a rules expansion for CY_BORG giving you the chance to drive fast and wreak carnage hanging out the passenger side window (or just crash headlong into it, your mileage may vary). These rules are light-weight, but robust, and will add a ton of flavor to your chase scenes as you bolt down narrow streets in attempt to escape the piggies or track down a corpo shit-bag. Hell, you don't even need to catch 'em, just have a firefight between vehicles - we got rules for that!”
Content: An impressive cornucopia of content: rules for vehicle chases/races and driving hazards, classes for the “Got-Away Driver” and “High Speed Vigilante, stats for vehicles that are purchaseable (or not), enemies to encounter on the streets of CY, and an entire revenge-themed mission.
Writing: A focus on thematic details/voices to breathe life into included elements that are supported by succinct, direct rules and guidance for GMs to implement assorted features into a game.
Art/Design: A mix of layouts and aesthetics throughout the supplement. Some pages are laid out landscape-wise, and at least one two-page spread has text broken across its pages. Number and variety of illustrations and themes, along with their execution, are inspiring.
Usability: Body text font is pretty consistent throughout, and despite the range of page/spread layouts it’s easy to identify headings/labels and how they relate to nearby content. However, the text is not embedded, so searching/selecting and screen reader use is not possible.

X-Ware Repository for Techno-Anarchists, Volume I

Concept: “Hello Operator! The X-Ware Repository for Techno-Anarchists is a collection of random tables that offers some extra 'ware to spice up your game.”
Content: A set of ten apps, ten cybertech, and ten nano options that offer intriguing variety to GMs and players looking to expand their gear.
Writing: Brief descriptions of fascinating and creative mechanics, often with references to material found in the official rulebook.
Art/Design: Two pages dedicated to each category, and each pair of pages has a distinct color scheme, with a high-contrast color choice and set of fonts for the single column of text laid over the background image/pattern.
Usability: Headings/labels are provided as a distinct font from the main body content in each section to help readability. Background image in the ‘Apps’ section might slow down reading for some (there’s just a bit of noise working against contrast), but text is easily searchable/selectable.

X-Ware Repository for Techno-Anarchists, Volume II

Concept: “Hello Operator! This second volume of the X­Ware Repository for Techno­Anarchistsis brings more random tables of new content for your game.”
Content: A set of six weapons, six booster mods, six drugs, six gangs, and six nano-phreaks to bring even more variety and danger to a Cy_Borg table.
Writing: Bite-sized bullet points and descriptions indicate mechanical effects, flavorful qualities, and other quirks that might spur a GM or player to innovative integration of a subject into their game.
Art/Design: Single-column organization of text, with distinct layout features and color scheme for each category’s page(s), complemented by thematically appropriate illustrations and background images.
Usability: Despite a variety of headings/labels across category layouts, text throughout is easy to read thanks to high contrast on background and size/color choices to assist with recognizing characters and kinds of content.
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