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Cur(s)e of the Candy Cult (Club TITS Unlimited)

Concept: “New Location Pad Entry. A Strip Club Dungeon inhabited by a strange Candy Cult for TRIGGER WARNING Jam compatible with Cy Borg.”
Content: A mission to liberate a cultist from their organization’s lair. A pair of player-facing handouts (including a map) is also included.
  • Writing: Terse and disturbing details that emphasize the insidious nature of the candy cult.
Art/Design: Two-column layout with black, pink, and white elements. Job details and NPC stats provided on the left, complemented by illustrations of candy, cultists, and–to the right–two levels of Club TITS Unlimited.
Usability: Text is mostly high-contrast and easy to discern purpose for, allowing for easy perusal and use. Only some text is embedded, which can complicate searching or selecting text.

Darknet Filth

Concept: “404//SAN is the demented frontpage of the NET, where manifold rumors, advertisements, hoaxes, and conspiracies produce a worthless information sludge. Still, more than enough masochistic users flock to the site to be entertained by trolls or cheated out of their life's savings.”
Content: A one-stop shop for adventures/scenarios, NPCs, monsters, apps, cyberware and equipment, additional rules ideas, and more.
Writing: Every page provides dozens of imaginative and enticing ideas for inspiration, with many pages offering highly engaging in-universe descriptions or framing for their game content.
Art/Design: A variety of artistic and aesthetic styles that embody the artpunk philosophy. The browsing experience feels in line with the CY_BORG rulebook itself.
Usability: Requires close, and often slow, examination to identify and make effective use of content (text and image alike), especially when moving across very differently styled spreads–but very worth the effort.

Dead Man's Switch

Concept: “Emily Radfield, a ripperdoc based in westside Laketon, received a postmortem message from her friend, Sarna---a dead man's switch. Emily hires the PCs to infiltrate a cyber-scav chop shop and recover Sarna's remains. She also wants the PCs to ‘kill as many of those scum-sucking assholes as humanly possible.’”
Content: A gig to infiltrate and retrieve a body from a scavenger stronghold.
Writing: Plenty of details to outline what the deal is, who’s involved and why, and what a GM can spring on the PCs as they seek out their target.
Art/Design: Ultra-wide four-column layout, with three columns of text on the left and a map of the chop shop on the right. Black-on-white color scheme complemented by color highlights in and around the map.
Usability: Each section of content is consistently presented, with distinct whitespace and border use to indicate particular kinds of content. Bold and italics help to emphasize key elements GMs may want to attend to.


Concept: “1EDX is the biggest viscpop band in all of CY. Now, their songwriter has contacted a bunch of punks to try and 'kidnap'--that is, free--them from the clutches of the band. Currently, they're in 1EDX's luxury mansion compound. But it's just the time for a rescue op, as 1EDX is opening their doors to a few lucky winners of a raffle for a tour of their mansion. Act fast.“
Content: A scenario to infiltrate, locate, and liberate the abused talent from the city’s biggest pop stars. Two versions of content included: "Classic Look" and "Squeaky Clean."
Writing: Plenty of engaging detail to flesh out the locale, the situation, and the NPCs that the PCs might encounter, including some juicy secrets for the GM to incorporate or have the players discover as appropriate. 
Art/Design: Primarily black, single-column text on yellow, with some color-coded labels to indicate particularly important details and (near the end of the supplement) approaches to the mission. Clean, lo-fi overhead map layouts of the mansion with color-coded layouts and labels. An image of a massively populated concert frames the adventure title on page 1.
Usability: Color-coding helps tremendously to relate particular elements to one another, and layout allows for quick navigation and identification of desired info. “Squeaky Clean” version is included for even easier reading, and more printer-friendly, experience (black on white with less color use throughout).

Download Terror

Concept: “A group of rich fucks kidnaps vulnerable, poor, and homeless, forcibly data-rips their minds to mint NFTs of them. Those suit fuckers keep them as trophies, trapping their concsciousness in a neverending digital nightmare. In the attachment there are the coordinates to one of their rip-labs. Infiltrate it, find the access keys to their mainframe, and let us in. We can end the victims’ suffering. There might still be survivors – help them. Kill any suit and pig in sight, they’re all in on this. Do this and we will erase your debt. Cross us and we will erase your life. Do well and you will hear from us again. Show no mercy. Your answer Y/N:”
Content: An adventure that offers players a chance to be “heroic” through relentless vengeance. 
Writing: Tons of incredible details that flesh out the adventure, from room descriptions to soda machine choices to the results from various PC ability checks. There’s a staggering amount to work with here.
Art/Design: Each page is an eye-watering burst of psychedelic glitch/digital art that mixes with overhead map layouts and informative blocks of text. There's never any doubt this is a CY_Borg adventure, to be sure.
Usability: The psychedelic color scheme/aesthetic can be overwhelming to some, and there are occasionally text blocks that might be a bit difficult to read, but overwhelmingly each page works really well to communicate important information through text and graphics (maps, monster blueprints, etc.) with a visual grammar that can be picked up quickly if one’s willing to take the initial effort

Gods of Greed

Concept: “Deep within the bowels of the city's more affluent districts lies a prominent spire, a shard of rot upon a dying city.  The Richter foundation is a deplorable and ravenous organisation that exploits the poor and the sick for profits and gain. Their most recent business model saw them open a rift in dimensions and unleash a torrent of tentacled monsters that sent the general populace insane. The party of easily exploitable fodder are sent in with a corrupt floppy disk to close the rift and send those evil sods back to where they came!”
Content: An adventure that melds Lovecraftian nightmare fuel with a corporate heist/infiltration opportunity. The included “Action Hero” class serves as a perfect means of tackling this endeavor.
Writing: Inspiration-packed descriptions of locations, environmental factors, NPCs, mechanics, and more abound to bring this scenario to life.
Art/Design: Numerous art styles and layouts provide numerous opportunities for engagement with compelling ideas.
Usability: Variety of fonts, page arrangements, and color schemes may make quick skimming/navigation difficult at moments but each page and spread calls attention to important elements for the reader to focus on.

Green Piece(s)

Concept: “Radia Embtell, a junior executive officer of Cynergy Water & Power Co., has been given the onerous task of liberating an offshore oil rig from a group of eco-terrorists calling themselves “the Bitter Suns.” The Bitter Suns’ list of demands consists of but a single item: the immediate ceasing of planetary resource exploitation. “A fantasy, of course. Utter nonsense…” Radia has no idea what the Bitter Suns are planning with the oil rig—and she doesn’t care, either. She hires the PCs to retake the oil rig, “using whatever means necessary. If you can’t do the job, don’t bother coming back—I’ll kill you myself.” Though Radia isn’t one to explain herself to a group of scum-sucking street punks, she’ll let slip during negotiations that Cynergy Water & Power Co. is unwilling to mobilize its corporate military against the Bitter Suns. She will not elaborate on why, however.”
Content: A job to repossess an oil rig occupied by eco-terrorists.
Writing: Mission and NPC details, including intelligent enemy tactics and motives, are seeded with hooks and in-roads to provide players and GMs with unique experiences.
Art/Design: Wide landscape layout with four major content columns (three text columns, one overhead map illustration of the mission site). Black-on-white for most of the document, including a portrait of a key NPC; map is provided on a dark background in the main document, with a color-inverted version provided as a separate player handout image.
Usability: Consistently recognizable headings, borders, horizontal rules, and whitespace distinguish separate content sections, while bold and italicized text calls attention to important terms and information.

Grinding the MMORKG

Concept: “Want to use Mork Borg modules as a virtual reality simulation in your Cy_Borg game? Or to give your Mork Borg players a taste of Cy? This five-node mystery adventure path introduces the Dying Lands as an MMO game/simulation in Cy and can be approached from either game as a starting point!”
Content: The content centers on an ingenious scenario that blends Cy_Borg and Mork Borg (whether you’re starting in either game!), detailed locations and maps for each, an “emaciated sim-farmer” class that works well for the scenario, a small set of optional rules that the MMORKG facilitates, random encounters, and several pieces of equipment to consider buying.
Writing: A mix of thematic narration, straightforward rules explanations, and direction for PCs to respond to–all of which is presented succinctly and consistently throughout the supplement.
Art/Design: Distinct layouts for each section (major adventure locations, PC class, etc.) that provide individual character about its subject matter, with a bright accent color to help underscore section distinction and scope.
Usability: Despite the variety of page layouts/aesthetics, text is consistently readable and identifiable as different kinds of content (headings, labels, NPC stats, etc.).


Concept: “gutter_PUVNKS is a fresh supplement for CY_BORG. You'll get all you need to explore the city of CY, even if you really don't want to. Locations, encounters, NPCs, adventure, two new classes (BROKE CEO & CY_BORG), and a few odds and ends.”
Content: 48 pages of content: NPCs, cults, a radio station, locations throughout CY, random encounter tables, infestations, “broke CEO” and “cyborg” classes, and (amazingly!) more. 
Writing: Tons of detail on each page to provide GMs and players with numerous possibilities; writing style oozes the essence of Cy_Borg: thematically grimy and vile and also compact rules/mechanics explanations.
Art/Design: Layout and aesthetic choices for each section are as varied and imaginative as the writing, contributing significantly to the fullness of immersion in the game universe and vibe.
Usability: “Consistency” is somewhat relative here–although there are many different layouts, aesthetics, etc., there are similar gestures throughout: highlighted headings/labels, text size to reflect hierarchical relationships between content, etc. so that navigation and identification of desired info is enjoyable rather than frustrating. Contrast is high throughout as well; only one page has a busy enough background to potentially slow reading.

Holographic Black Capes

Concept: “Lhamo Rigosa, the biggest horror vidstar in CY is dead. But their co-star has been receiving incomprehensible voice notes from them. And was that stream coming from inside a coffin? The transmissions are coming from the set of their new film but hasn’t that been abandoned?”
Content: A scenario based on Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” that gives PCs a chance to engage in a horror/slasher adventure.
Writing: Vividly detailed descriptions of scenario setup, locations, items to discover, and NPC motives/perspectives are all tinted with a macabre flair. 
Art/Design: High-contrast text on dark background across three spreads, with a bright orange grid map of an abandoned movie set.
Usability: Consistent color and font choices provide easy identification of and navigation through scenario content.

Johnny Bubonic

Concept: “Gort Phaserbekker, former front man for the mega-hit deathcore-noize band ACCESSORY TO INSANITY, has a special request for the PCs: kidnap the guy who replaced him. ACCESSORY TO INSANITY is playing a show at the “highly exclusive” Club Mint tomorrow night. Phaserbekker can get the PCs some tickets—aside from that, they’re on their own. He doesn’t give a shit how the job gets done: his only stipulation is that the target is returned alive.”
Content: A revenge mission to kidnap a musician who’s made his predecessor a has-been.
Writing: Packed full of details about goings-on at the club to provide a table with multiple sessions of fun while pursuing their target.
Art/Design: Wide two-page spread with a map of the club on the right, an illustration of a musician at the bottom, and several columns of text regarding the mission, the location, random events, NPC stats, and more.
Usability: Text is easily scannable and readable, with consistent presentation to ensure identification of desired info. 

Last of the Good Ones

Concept: “Somewhere in G0: A naniteinfested monstrosity is trying to help those tossed to the turrets within the cement walls of G0. Within the confines of the abandoned CY Central Mall, a monument of capitalism now a battle ground between 4 factions, The Heir of Kergoz, Virid Vipers, an other worldly being know as Vecbod, and a relentless horde of mushroom brained zombies. It doesn’t matter if you’re here out of desperation or curiosity, having a safe house in G0 is worth hearing”
Content: A mall crawl for survival in the shadows of an ominous otherworldly threat.
Writing: Imaginative and disturbing ideas abound, giving GMs and players alike plenty of unexpected encounters, creatures/NPCs, and opportunities to run wild with. 
Art/Design: Two-page spreads packed with visually loud and abrasive aesthetic choices that reflect the chaos of the scenario itself.
Usability: Progression through the document reveals locations and monsters as players would encounter them. A wide variety of layouts, color schemes, font choices, and text size can make some content easier to locate and read than others.

Left Side Drive

Concept: “You must have fucked up to land here… (a sendoff for some dead punks) A hyperliminal album crawl set to "Trans Canada Highway" by Boards of Canada.”
Content: An atmospheric road trip through and beyond CY.
Writing: Atmospheric phrases paint broad strokes for each component locale and the people or things that might be encountered along the way.
Art/Design: Two columns of content with separate content boxes for the album tracks and relevant content. Black on light green color scheme with pink accents. Stripped-down map of locations help indicate possible trajectories for a traveling party.
Usability: Readable fonts with high contrast color choices and consistent embellishments and whitespace to indicate headings/labels, list items, atmospheric descriptions, and so on.


Concept: “A vital drive, loaded with data worth millions to the Virid Vipers gangster coalition, has been lost in the sewers of CY. Something down there apparently ate the agent they had carrying it. Fortunately, the geo-tag still works, and the slumlord whose territory it was lost in is desperate for someone to find it before the Vipers toss him into the dank and filthy tunnels to find the thing himself. There's just one lethal detail that's been overlooked, lurking in the sewage…”
Content: A dungeon crawl to recover valuable cybertech from a monster stalking the sewers.
Writing: Imaginative descriptions make each area of the mission seem unique and dangerous, with relevant NPCs pursuing their own agendas.
Art/Design: Single column of text with black-on-white scheme, occasionally complemented by NPC portrait illustrations. A colorful, stripped-down map of the sewers is also provided.
Usability: Font choices are easily readable, and headings, labels, and key information are consistently bolded for visual emphasis. Movement table notes procedural logic for optimal use.

Meat in Mosscroft

Concept: “There are rumors of a warehouse owned by Gene Industrial in Mosscroft containing actual real steaks. These Bromaha steaks are supposedly in a huge walk in freezer, and they should get collected before word gets out. The street gang is offering 2d10 x 1K credits for the steaks. If they accept, Nimo will provide a small piece of paper with the address of the warehouse.”
Content: A beef break-in with the bonus of beaucoup bucks.
Writing: Deadpan descriptions lay out the absurdity of the situation, which should help a GM create a unique and memorable experience for their table.
Art/Design: Landscape-oriented pages with bright colored text on black background accompanied by relevant images of NPCs, corporate logos, and a simple map of the target facility.
Usability: Almost every block of text is a different color and font or text size than the others and positioned differently on each page, but each font is easily readable and all text is embedded for quick searching/selecting.

Mia's Day Off

Concept: “Masato Dvorak, a Virid Vipers crime lord, needs someone to take Mia Dvorak—his wife—out for the day. He instructs the PCs to bring Mia to the Kaytell Makers Proudly Presents: Fun!™ corpo-amusement park; their job is to keep Mia safe—and, perhaps more importantly, entertained—during their visit. Mia has had a few of these “outings” in the past, and she’s yet to have a caretaker survive. Word around the campfire is that her last one, Antwan, ended up ‘thrown off a building into a glass motherfuckin’ house. Since then, he’s kind of developed a speech impediment…’”
Content: The PCs get hired to babysit a crime lord’s daughter, and fun ensues.
Writing: Concise, informative details about the mission, NPCs, and relevant events to complicate matters.
Art/Design: Four columns of content across a wide one-page layout, with a map of the amusement park on the far right. An illustration of Mia and of roller skaters complements mission text. A player handout of the amusement park map is also included.
Usability: Consistent presentation–headings/labels, whitespace, and borders–makes it easy to identify and distinguish sections of content and important details (NPCs, stats, etc.).

Neon Borg

Concept: “NEON BORG  is rot, chaos, death, home. Millenia ago, ‘twas a fortress standing firm against the demon hordes. Then, the demons ate the humans and the world ended. When times began anew, NEON BORG became prison for the most feared. The kind of irredeemably debased scvm for which a death sentence was by far too lenient. Today, NEON BORG is subsidized housing. Filled to the rafters with aged corpkillers, filthy nanomancers, burned hackers, and you.”
Content: A solo microadventure that, like Dark Fort that inspired it, provides an immersive dungeon-crawling experience through the Neon Borg housing complex while escaping from corp harvesters.
Writing: Tight, concise descriptions maintain a sense of imminent danger and urgency to motivate and inspire the solo player on their journey.
Art/Design: Clean black-and-white layout with a portrait of the player character and a consistent design grammar distinguishing different blocks and types of content.
Usability: Easy to navigate and identify desired information that should minimize delays or questions about how to undertake the adventure.

No More Heroes

Concept: “A UCS super soldier lab hidden in plain sight between a dentist and a night club.”
Content: A set of tables to generate jobs for infiltrating a lab and a map of said lab.
Writing: Vivid, unsettling bursts of description in tables (for contacts, job parameters, potential enemies, etc.) hint at possible ways for a GM to implement roll results into a unique mission.
Art/Design: Two-page black-on-white spread with tables on the left and a hand-drawn map of the facility on the right.
Usability: Text content laid out in easily navigable columns with consistent text and border formatting to identify each table’s elements and important names/phrases.

Nuclear God-Lizard

Concept: “A 120-meter-tall monster emerges from the waters around Cy. Its behavior baffles scientists and officials; it isn’t hunting or nesting, it just moves.”
Content: A scenario for surviving the onslaught of an unstoppable roving apocalypse.
Writing: Focused, direct descriptions of a wide range of relevant factors (from available subplots to environmental obstacles to military actions) provide GMs with an immersive adventure/experience for their players.
Art/Design: Current ashcan edition has a simple, barebones layout subject to change when more art assets are finalized. 
Usability: Different kinds of content are immediately distinguishable, high-contrast fore/ground colors assist accessibility, and navigation through the document is incredibly easy.

Penny Slots for Cy_b0rg

Concept: “An arcade location for Cy_b0rg with two jobs.”
Content: A murder-for-hire job and a cred heist in a run-down arcade.
Writing: Concise descriptions of the location and two jobs’ specifics, along with brief NPC stats and complications for each mission.
Art/Design: Black text on a white background, with simple whitespace use to distinguish sections of content. A colorful overhead map of the arcade is provided.
Usability: Text is easily readable and navigable, and different kinds of content (e.g., d6 lists/tables and NPC stats) are quickly identifiable.

Protect Thy Neighbour

Concept: “In 20 hours Alliansen Inc. is sending an automated Xplorer Mk I , a heavily armoured drone operated by an AI, to clean up an old tower in Bigmosse. The drone will be deployed from the Security Centre in South Central and is to make its way to the housing block in the slums. This is a routine operation so unimportant that the only verification required is a geo-located live feed of the pile of rubble after the explosion. Which makes it the perfect occasion to put corpo property to public use.”
Content: An escort mission perfect for fans of two- and four-wheeled mayhem.
Writing: Focused and direct descriptions of involved parties, locations, events, and conditions that should help kick GMing this adventure into high gear.
Art/Design: Trifold layout (with a screen-based version as well) with a cityscape image serving as a general map for the escort route.
Usability: High-contrast fore/ground with occasional blue highlighting, bolded text, and particular fonts used to indicate different and specific kinds of content throughout the pamphlet.

Raised by Wolves

Concept: “This six-page PDF contains the adventure Raised by Wolves, which sees players taking on a job in an abandoned capsule condo scheduled for demolition, and facing a cult determined to resurrect their (literally) corrupted leader.”
Content: A job to deal with a noise complaint, along with a new class: the Feral Foundling.
Writing: Lots of concise details and snippets that bring the mission location and the optional class to life.
Art/Design: Six two-page spreads with three- to four-column layouts of content on most pages. Several different color schemes and aesthetics differentiate distinct areas of focus (apartment building map; job details; key location; class).
Usability: Each spread makes use of a consistent visual grammar to indicate distinct sections of content and headings/labels, with high-contrast text/background throughout. Text is not embedded, so searching for or selecting text is not possible.

Random Goldfish Memory

Concept: “Cosmia Kowasaki, an AST Endless Seas researcher, had something stolen from her team: a data-fish with a heap of corporate secrets tucked away in its little chip-brain.”
Content: A recovery job that involves fishing for secrets at an upscale villa.  
Writing: Brief but vivid details are included to cover essential dimensions of job locations, NPCs, secrets, and key events as the mission unfolds.
Art/Design: A two-page spread with mission specifics in two columns on the left and an overhead map of the site and additional information, with an illustration of the data-fish, beneath it on the right.
Usability: Text layout is readable and easily navigable, and headings/labels are consistently presented to further improve identifying and locating desired info.

Raw Drug

Concept: “A relic of a thousand catastrophes’ past. This pharmaceutical playground houses a biochem cult called THE ARGON ANNIALHIT. Nanorobotic blood-treatments, agonizing bodymods, and ‘The Last High in CY’ – a micro-ink shop and ooze lounge – permeate this piss-hole too. But even in the inebriated ruins of this importunate husk, there is worth. Mere pixels of .NET/organic mutter of a sealed organ freezer the ANNIALHIT has yet to open. Open it.”
Content: A mission to infiltrate a cult headquarters in search of chemical riches.
Writing: Job parameters are flexible thanks to “Client” and “Looking For” tables, resulting in a variety of distinct gigs. Site room descriptions provide short, concentrated features and scenery to help GMs bring the place to life.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout in black-and-light-tan color scheme with mission parameters on the outer panels and room info with central hand-drawn map on the inner panels.
Usability: Easily navigable pages with visually distinct headings, with a variety of readable fonts. NPC/enemy information is provided in contrasting boxes for quick identification and reference.

Reaper Repo

Concept: “The job is simple; infiltrate a penthouse party full of chromed out Killmatch champions, find the man of the hour—Steel Jackhammer—and steal his cyber legs. They're still attached to him, sure. You'll figure it out.”
Content: A high-risk, high-entertainment heist that demands ingenuity from players and a complete disregard for self-preservation from their PCs..
Writing: Tons of details and atmosphere are crammed into a two-page spread on which NPC and location details, random events, and GM-specific notes all offer each gaming group a memorable experience.
Art/Design: A map of the party location is a major focal point, with text provided all around (and laid over) the map in a number of columns. NPC stats and details are complemented by a portrait of each figure.
Usability: File is pretty printer-friendly, and text throughout contrasts well with background. Headings and labels are visually distinct thanks to font choices, text size, and bolding.


Concept: “Another day, another run-in with an unknown street gang. A little shootout leads to an offer you can't refuse. ‘Just get the job done, and you never need to hear from us again.’”
Content: A job to track down a high-tech and highly desirable medical device stolen by an unknown gang of street punks.
Writing: Focused attention on unfolding events to guide a GM through the adventure, with supporting details about involved NPCs and their motivations to act.
Art/Design: Trifold brochure layout with white/yellow on back complemented by neon colors and specific font choices for headings, maps, and NPC stat blocks. Several NPC portrait illustrations provided as well. Final showdown map creatively places each room description in that room on the map. Two player-facing handouts/notes are included on an additional page.
Usability: Visually distinct colors, shapes, and orientations help identify how different kinds of content function in relation to the others. Most text is embedded for easy searching/selecting, although a few content blocks are not, which might momentarily complicate an attempt to select that text

Right the Wrong of the Greater

Concept: “A linear CY_Crawl based on Skinny Puppy's album "The Greater Wrong Of The Right" made for the Album Crawl 3.0 Y2K Jam. Take your life back from those in power and scale their brutalist tower to Right the Wrong… Each room of the crawl is based of a track from the album. Lyrical content was the main source of inspiration for what happens in each.”
Content: A revenge mission/crawl up through a high-rise, set to Skinny Puppy.
Writing: Location/track pairings served with atmospheric details about each site and the goings-on there that the punks might run into during their ascent.
Art/Design: Overall aesthetic as record sleeves & inserts, with a mix of hand-drawn illustrations, pasted/collaged elements, and screenprinting. Maps, location features, and NPC portraits are all provided.
Usability: Organization of content is easy to follow, with alternating text/graphic pages and consistent labeling and fore/ground contrast throughout. However, text is not selectable, which might impact some readers’ experience.


Concept: “The PCs have just returned the stolen chrome legs to Doc Joy (or whatever our PCs have just done) when the good Doc muses about a recent surge in demand for augmented legs. He attributes it first to prominent bloodsport players, eager for an advantage, though now it’s become fashionable - a bubble that’s soon to burst. But for now, there’s good money to be made.”
Content: Intended as a followup to Reaper Repo, this cargo ship heist presents a chance for PCs to explore a locale that may not frequently get the spotlight.
Writing: Crisp, dense descriptions of locations and NPCs (who are excellently fleshed out with motivations & likely behaviors) bring the adventure to life, especially via strategically bolded key terms and adjectives.
Art/Design: Asymmetrical two-column layouts across several pages along with an illustration of the salvaged cargo ship.
Usability: Large headers and bolding provide helpful means of identifying important information and navigating different elements.

Symptom of Aggression World Tour

Concept: “Did you hear, everyone's least fucking favorite, overly popular, shit sucking poser ass band “Symptom of Aggression” is going on tour for like the 40 billionth time.  I can't believe all the complete fucking idiot ass gob noblers in this trash fire of a city listen to that inaudible dreck!  I mean like, every asshole in that band has just had controversy after controversy, its totally sickening. I guess that's the kind of immoral audio diarrhea that turns people on these... these waning miserable days. People and their lack of compassion, on top of everything else, it just makes me loose all hope.  Man, this city fucking sucks.................. -RAWsum”
Content: An encounter/scenario involving a touring band and their massive bus, complete with band member NPC details and potential reasons for getting involved.
Writing: A refreshing mix of straightforward description and vivid, characterful condemnation of Symptom of Aggression.
Art/Design: Harsh, brightly colored illustrations of the tour bus and NPCs and two versions of maps of the bus (GM and player-facing alike), with relevant text in all directions and embellished with scrawled shapes and figures. 
Usability: Pages are busy, which reflects the high-energy nature of the atmosphere, and text has strong contrast with background. Angled lines of text may be difficult for screen readers or copying/pasting attempts.

Teenage Rebellion & the System Blower Army

Concept: “The anarchist glitchpunk movement credits SYSTEM BLOWER for its founding and recent explosion centralized in the Ports. This isn't just political noise, it's a full-blown anti-civilization movement, and as the fanbase has grown, the time for action is now! SYSTEM BLOWER has a job for you. Turns out that Celia Samson, the teen progeny of that moron exec at the top of this hill, Marlo Samson, is a huge SYSTEM BLOWER fan but hasn't gone full System Blower Army yet. This is where you come in. SYSTEM BLOWER has a plan that's going to get creds, piss off the hegemony, and stir up a media storm like never before. All you need to do is pull off this heist and create a scene so no one misses it! It would be great if you survived it...but that's not the point. Raid the mansion. Kidnap or convert Celia Samson to the cause, doesn't matter which, just be sure to get her to the finale show before soundcheck...and then it's time to BLOW THE SYSTEM!!!!”
Content: A good old-fashioned adventure scenario: raid a mansion to kidnap a wealthy heiress for cash and publicity.
Writing: A plethora of engaging details about the setup, relevant NPCs, the location, timing-related concerns, and tables for generating band names, albums, and songs.
Art/Design: Vibrant neon colors and mostly white text on a dark translucent background, with a light-colored glitch art pattern behind that. Pictures of NPCs with similar glitch aesthetic appear occasionally throughout the file. Maps provided of the mansion (with both GM and player versions). 
Usability: Text/background contrast makes for pretty easy reading, and headings/labels are visually distinct to assist with navigating supplement and understanding relationships between blocks of content. However, much of the text in the document is not embedded, limiting the ability to search, copy/paste, or use a screen reader.
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